Thursday, December 30, 2010

pengkajian ifrath. (carot marot)

notepad 1, leftist,system of symbolic autopsy.

bermula kisah perjalanan tenaga sebagai titik mula di dalam jisim yang punyai jirim yang seiring dalam pergerakan arus tenaga. terpukul dengan ombak frequensi beresonansi berseni hasil karya MAHA ESA. titik setitik kasih terbit dari hentakan rentak bentakan gelora si jiwa yang mendukung jisim bersepadu jirim.


early in the morning, tim armstrong still with the song, don't let me down, clock's ticking murmuring the restless heartbeat with a song of love, and please don't let HIM down. the loves that revealed from the first time we put our eyes together. remember, they were too young to understand it, in no matter of form and inculculative mass. no gravity, it just a force of a lovey, lover. if you were asked, what is two? what wil be your best answer? a pair? oh.. it is something in between, there must black and white, romeo and juliet, tarzan and jane, mary and juana, right or left, up and down. thats two till the end untill we met up again, seeing each other. it is hurt to see you - lovey with the other guy, in between the line which dividing us just like the great arizona.

"untill the end, the playlist will play".

in between the line, we will be missing each other, separated, far away a distance. terribly we were just too young to control is suppose to be what it is.

death is just a begining and not the end of the begining., the dead will wake up, untill then, be strong in the wild world..

silent, projekt, dancing. smiling. ;) 
tribute utk Disember..

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