Friday, July 29, 2011

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Over it are nineteen.

Some of my friends, would say that is better to start off your day with a cup of Nescafe?
A can of Boss’s latte?
A glass of milk? 
A sip of wine to cool off your day?

Nope, and neither am I to say that was the best day starter.

Readily I am to pull the trigger by saying “over it are nineteen” on every bed I woke up.

Relatives, teachers and friends, the ‘nineteen’ reveal a big secret, a miracles that shine through the mirror. “It was only HIM and there are no three, Him and only Him”.

It was the first sentenced in every chapter. Sealed , lock by the darkest side of people’s heart.
Last night, I was keep dreaming on while I’m keep me head off away listening to the ‘”Yussof” sounds.
I knew, it was them, them. 

The secret then revealed, itself.